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Vaccination Clinic

We are pleased to offer a free vaccination clinic for dogs and cats in Johnson County. 


What is the free vaccination clinic?

The free clinic is a chance to get your animals up to date on life-saving vaccines, yearly distemper vaccine, parvo, and rabies vaccines for both cats and dogs. You can also opt to have your animal microchipped for free. We will send home a 30-day supply of flea/tick medication.

Are the services really free?

The clinic is free to our community because of the Banfield Foundation. Banfield Foundation has graciously chosen HSJC as a recipient of grant funding each year since 2016. The grant has grown over the years to fund four free wellness/vaccine clinics each year and includes Elanco Day of Giving participants. This incredible gift has been able to vaccinate close to 2,000 animals annually. The foundation's generosity is truly a lifesaving gift to Johnson County animals and residents!

Where does the clinic take place?

When the clinic dates are announced, we will include the locations for each day. At least one of the two clinic days occurs at HSJC in Franklin. However, we also travel to other locations in Johnson County to better serve the county. 

How do I get an appointment?

The best way to ensure an appointment is to call us at 317-535-6626 once we release the next set of clinic dates. Due to the high demand, the phone lines can get backlogged. Calling after hours and leaving a voicemail with a return call-back number is a best practice. In the event the clinic fills up, we will start a waitlist for the next clinic. Those individuals on the waitlist will be able to register first for the next free clinic.

Is there a limit to the number of animals I can bring?

No! We encourage you to bring all of the animals living in your home to keep them up to date on vaccines.

Can I bring my kitten or puppy?

Yes! Please bring your puppy and kittens. We will vaccinate the animals appropriately according to age. Puppies and kittens typically need 3 rounds of vaccines. We can get them started on a healthy/happy life with first-round vaccines, with directions on the schedule for the next proper vaccination.

What should I bring with me?

If your animal has previously had medical treatment or has recently seen a vet, please bring any documentation for us to review. This ensures we give the best care possible to your animal. Otherwise, we provide the paperwork and pen.

NOTE: Make sure your animals are securely contained. If a dog, make sure the dog is properly leashed. If you are bringing a cat, please ensure the cat is securely in a carrier. Multiple animals can be in one carrier. We will securely remove the animals from your vehicle.

How does the clinic process work?

The clinic is run just like a drive-thru. You remain in your car throughout the entire appointment. Upon arrival, our staff will approach your car with paperwork for you to fill out for each animal. We will return to the car to go over the paperwork and talk through any concerns. Once we are ready for your animals, we will safely retrieve the animals from your vehicle and the animals will then see the vet inside the building. Once the vet has seen and vaccinated your animal, we will safely return the animal(s) to your car along with a copy of all the paperwork. We ask that you be patient with our staff and allow ample time for your appointment to be complete. We run into unexpected emergencies.

Do you accept donations?

Absolutely! Although the services are free at our clinic, the same services would cost about $200 per animal at a vet. If you are inclined to donate, we accept donations via cash, check, or charge card. You can also find our Amazon Wishlist here.

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