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Become a Foster Parent for HSJC!

One of the coolest ways to make a difference in the life of a homeless pet is to give it a second chance by opening up your home to foster.

Consider it a slumber party for your furry friends!

Being a foster-based organization, the Humane Society of Johnson County is always seeking loving foster parents for our “Shelter Without Walls” Foster Program.

Your willingness to foster an animal could mean the difference between euthanasia and the time needed to find a loving animal a permanent home.  Our adoptable pets would stay with you while we work to match potential “forever” parents with the animals.


Where do the animals come from?

The animals come from owner surrenders or from the local animal shelters in central Indiana. Occasionally, we assist other organizations to help with a puppy mill or hoarding rescue.  All animals’ health and temperament are checked before being placed in a foster home.

Although we’d love to help every animal in need, we are only able to take in homeless pets if we have a foster home lined up.

What are the advantages of fostering?

You and your family get to spend time with wonderful animals without having to make the permanent commitment, and you’ll be helping to place animals in “forever” homes where they will live happy and healthy lives.  Often, animals can be stressed in a group environment. By fostering, you’ll allow the pet’s true personality to shine! 

Foster parents help their foster animals be adopted quickly by providing additional fun photos, details on the pet’s personality, and more! Through fostering, you’ll be making a real difference in your community and teaching your children the importance of volunteering.

What is expected of me as a foster parent?

You must be a responsible, caring pet owner for your foster pet.  You will be required to provide him/her with food, love, attention and perhaps a bit of training. All veterinary costs are covered by HSJC through generous donations. Foster parents can also have toys, treats, pet food or cat litter that is donated to help our fosters.

Additional questions?

Let's chat! Give us a call at (317) 535-6626 or email us.

Foster Application

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